Feel the wind!

Thanks to regular and usually non turbulent winds, like the Ora del Garda, originating from the omonimous lake, Molveno and the surrounding area are a paragliding paradise.

Two main take off spots can be found right above the town: the first, at about 1090 m, easily reached by foot or via the lift, located in loc. Deft; the second, and highest, at about 1400 meters asl, reached via the second leg of the lifts departing Molveno, plus a 5 minute walk from the arrival. It is signaled with a windsock. The main landing area is along the shores of the Molveno lake, signaled too with a windsock.

Those interested in trying a tandem paraglide flight should inquire about it at the Vola Bass Club Molveno, which boasts among its members World and European champion Luca Donini.
The Club was founded in 1995, and named after one of the most famous peaks of the Dolomiti di Brenta, and has since spread the passion for this extreme sport to a growing number of aficionados.
For info and contacts:
Club Vola Bass Molveno A.S.D.
Piazza Marconi, 1
38018 Molveno (TN)